About the Series

Dr. Abernathy created Early Readers to bring a developmentally sequenced approach for the advancement of reading in children. This series is intended for pre-k, kindergarten and beginning-level readers.

Every book in the series produces an incremental progression in reader skills. Early Readers books have helped many children build a strong foundation for learning while encouraging them to become confident readers!

About Dr. Abernathy

Dr. Abernathy, or “Dr. A.,” runs a private practice that specializes in helping children all over the United States. She has over 20 years of experience working with children across learning, language, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.  

Dr. A. develops and conducts scientific, research-based, and data-driven systems for making and tracking improvements in learning.  She specializes in breaking down harder or more complex skills across skill domains into small components, which are then sequenced together to promote mastery in learning.  Parents often contact her who want enrichment support for their children in certain subjects or who desire help with progression in any developmental area or across areas.  Dr. A. then assesses that area or areas and creates a specialized and individualized program for the child.  

It is her love for combining science, research, art, and making learning positive and fun that led to the development of the Early Readers booksseries.  She believes all children can make progress, and she strives to make that progress exciting.